Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Lafayette offers many smoke-free venues

    In Louisiana, it is unlawful to smoke within a restaurant. If the establishment uses more than 50 percent of its business as a bar, smoking is allowed.
    However, there are several smoke-free establishments in Lafayette, regardless of the bar-to-restaurant ratio.
    They are:
    Bisbano’s Pizza Parlor, 1540 Johnston St. by the University of Louisiana-Lafayette campus.
    Bolt, 116 E. Vermilion St. in downtown Lafayette.
    Brewski’s, 2815 Jefferson St.
    Corner Bar, 3103 Johnston St.
    Dix Almost Famous Daiquiris, 101 Liberty Ave.
    Fast Eddies, 2431 W. Congress St.
    Legends Annex, 110 Polk St. in downtown Lafayette.
    Legends, 4559 Johnston St.
    Lounge, 412 Jefferson St. in downtown Lafayette.
    Maximilian’s Lounge, 1521 Pinhook Road.
    Pour wine bar, 605 Silverstone, Suite 107, in River Ranch.
    Scandal’s, 1801 Pinhook Road.
    Taproom, 201 Settlers Trace, River Ranch.
    Tim & Tias, 211 Settlers Trace in River Ranch.
    Tonic, 2013 Pinhook Road.  
    Wild Salmon Bar & Grill, 813 Foreman Drive.
    For more information about Louisiana’s smoke-free venues, visit

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